Thursday, 11 June 2009

What they mean for workers?

Knight 's 5 on 12 day promise: What they mean for workers? Knight made six commitments:

1 promise: All nike shoes factories will meet the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration 's (OSHA) to enter the indoor air quality standards. Nike in 1997, is the subject of considerable scandal, when it is exposed when the contract workers in one factory were exposed to 177 times the toxic smoke Vietnamese legal limit. While Nike claims that its factories are now in line with the OSHA standard, it gives factory managers advance notice of testing, the scope for significant changes in their chemical use in the days of testing to minimize the radiation. Nike do not want to do the results of those tests are usually available on the public interest. Rights group challenge to the Nike place to monitor the factory involved in the surveillance had not announced the visit to the safety standards of a transparent system of industrial hygienists training.

No. 2 promises: Nike factory workers in the minimum age will be increased to 18 footwear factories and 16 garment factories. When Life magazine story that one of the main characteristics at the time of stitching a nike shox shoes soccer very young boys pictures of Pakistan in 1996, Nike is severely distress on child labor. Evidence continues to emerge of young people in the use of Nike contract factories under the age of 16. In the absence of the communities in their economic development, however, does not include children from the factory is willing to force them into more dangerous and degrading work. I believe the survival of the global exchange of salary payment for adult workers is beneficial to children in the most effective means of Nike 'in the region; s articles are made.

No. 3 promises: Nike factory in its surveillance will include non-governmental organizations, and that surveillance has been released to the public summary. Of concern to the Panel on the right, this is the most important Knight 's promise. Three years after it was done, Nike shoes
contracted a non-profit organizations and an audit of a factory can be set out in its request to hold a discussion it will improve its monitoring program for a certain number of other NGOs. What the company can not say which NGOs, if so, will allow the plant to monitor the situation generally, and, when the surveillance will be published a summary of that report.

No. 4 promises: Nike will expand its worker education planning, organizing high school the same line can be used free of all workers in Nike footwear factories. Expansion of educational planning, but at the Nike factory to pay the salaries of the majority of low income workers can not give up overtime to take one route. Salary will survive the payment of the Nike workers are interested in high school education in the time and means to do so.

No. 5 promise: Nike in Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan and Thailand will expand its loan program for small companies benefit 4000 families. Is cheaper to give micro-loans Nike Nike factory in addition to thousands of individuals of more than 530,000 workers to ensure that the production company 's products will pay them living wages and dignity. Nike 's first responsibility is to its chain of production workers. Salaries should be the survival of the company, through the financing of its charitable programs such as public relations to find before honor.

No. 6 promise: the University-funded research and responsible business practices on the Open Forum, including the four universities in the program in the 1998-99 school year. Nike Air Rift refused to the reputation of a good house plant access to the conduct of its funded research, and that seems to adapt to the provision of private information to the Nike academic rather than to stimulate debate and increase knowledge. If Nike is in good faith on investment interest in the credibility of academic research into responsible business practices, the company should establish an independent committee and independent from the reputation of a good result to prevent hospital

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