Thursday, 16 July 2009

The renowned press woman is thrown the corpse street corner

Russian famous human rights press woman Natalia Estemirova kidnapped was suffered the other day after Chechen kills cruelly, Russia record on human rights became once more is criticized the focal point.

The Natalia lives in Chechen capital Grozny. on 16th the morning, the Natalia is going to the office on the way, suffers 4 unclear status men to kidnap. The neighbors indicated that at that time they heard Natalia 's loud calling for help “I to kidnap!”After soon, her corpse is approaching the Ingushetia person community the Canadian this special village to discover. The police said that the Natalia is hit two guns, a gun hits in the forehead, another gun hits the chest. Her corpse is thrown on the road main road.

Russian Human rights Observation Organization Director Egyptian Rison · Gill said: “when abuses the human rights investigation to Chechen, the Natalia has occupied the most front. The reason that she becomes the assassination goal, is completely her work causes. I do not doubt, kill her the goal am let her shut up. The Natalia most makes the work which one admires is she never stops doing, also ever does not care about individual safety.”