Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Respiratory shoes 7

The future development of brand GEOXimg_278200710633.jpg

GEOX brand casual shoes and clothing in the high price to enter the market, forming its own sales network, first to enter a large number of international brand-name stores, two are set up inside and outside of Italy more than 170 professionals GEOX brand stores to buy.

When talking about future development, said President POLEGATO,entrepreneurs want to keep up with globalization, the pace of modernization of competition in the market, we must highlight the technological innovations. GEOX popular shoes Group with collaboration with the University of Padua and other well-known, established a technical training schools, to recruit young people from all over the world students studying technical and GEOX concept. Special emphasis POLEGATO president: "A new concept of value than a much greater Factory! Should give fashioning shoes full play to the imagination and creativity of young people health shoes."


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